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The Archanon – Asterousion Municipality is located in the center of the Prefecture of Heraklion. It is crossed by the main roads of the Prefecture (Heraklion – Viannos, Heraklion – Pyrgos and Heraklion – Kastelli), and this fact, in combination with the rich rural production of the area, the magnificent environment and the mild climate conditions provide the area with a high development potential.

Taking into account the profile of the area, which combines some special characteristics (strategic geographic location, highly productive land and a landscape of special natural beauty) two large cities called Eltina and Diatonion, thrived during the ancient times. Very important monuments that came into light through archaeological excavations revealed the importance of the area during the ancient and prehistoric periods.

The local economy

The economy of the area is mainly based on agricultural products, and mostly on wine production. Part of the area’s history is the production of wine that constitutes today one of the main sources of wealth for the area. Close and around the Byzantine wine-presses, there have been established and operating large wine production units. Industrial units for the maturation and bottling of wine make use of the unique vine varieties of the area.

A special role in the area’s economy plays also the olive oil, which is being produced in large quantities. The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Peza, plays a very important role in the development of the area. It constitutes a dynamic economic factor of the Municipality. The Municipality has also two feminine rural cooperatives, manufactures of soft harmful effect that respect the environment, and laboratories of ceramics and pottery.

The Municipality’s web site is (will be on line at the end of February):

Work group of the MedStrategy project:

Roussos Kipriotakis is the Mayor of Archanon- Asterousion Municipality. He is the legal representative of the Archanon- Asterousion Municipality.

Gialitaki Katerina is Special Advisor at the Archanon Asterousion Municipality.
She graduated from the Department of International and European Studies, University of Piraeus and later gained expertise - master in the field of Public Policy at the Department of Political Science, University of Crete.
Currently is working in the Department of Planning and Rural Development at the Archanon – Asterousion Municipality having the competence management at European Programmes, dealing with administration issues in the field of Education and Culture, as well.
At the MedStrategy Project, she is the Project manager on behalf of Archanon - Asterousion Municipality.

Antonakakis Antonios is sociologist having great experience in the field of social development at rural areas. At Med Strategy Project is responsible as administrative.

Paraskeva Charikleia is employee at the Sector of projects at the Technical Department of the Archanon- Asterousion Municipality.
She is Mechanical engineer and Civil engineer at the same time, having graduated from the above mentioned Departments from the Faculty of Technological Applications of the Technological Educational Institution of Heraklion.
At the MedStrategy Project, she is the Senior Technician on behalf of Archanon - Asterousion Municipality, in collaboration with
Velegrakis Ioannis, mechanical engineer of the Municipality, as technician at the Med Strategy Project.

Papadopoulou Maria is the Financial Manager of the Archanon- Asterousion Municipality and in collaboration with
Kefalas Nikolaos, employee of the Municipality, are responsible for the financial management of the MedStrategy Project on behalf of Archanon – Asterousion Municipality.

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