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Project cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund under MED Programme

The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) is a public entity supervised by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, founded in September 1987, and has financial and administrative independence. In accordance with the policy of the Ministry, CRES is active in the fields of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Rational Use of Energy (RUE) and Energy Saving (ES). Its primary aim is to promote technological applications in the above-mentioned fields both at a national and international level. CRES was appointed by Law No 2244/94 as the National Centre for Coordination in the fields of its activity; it acts as an advisor to the Greek State, and has established a highly visible profile of a strong and reliable national energy centre.

Over the years, CRES has participated in more than 600 European and national projects, both as lead partner and partner. More info can be found at

In the early stages of the project, a project team consisting of 8 members with diverse skills and abilities has been designated by CRES management board to work on the MEDStrategy project. More specifically, members from 3 different Divisions have been joined together to support the management and the implementation of the project, i.e. the Division of Development Programs / Department of Development Project Studies and Department of Development Project Applications, the Division for Energy Policy and Planning/ Dissemination of RES & EE Applications Department and the Division of Financial and Administrative Services / Projects’ financing & administrative support Department.

Work group of the MedStrategy project:
Eirini Karakatsani
Eirini Karakatsani
Dr. Papastefanakis
Dr. Papastefanakis
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Eirini Karakatsani:

Kiki Papadopoulou:
Dimitra Minadaki:
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