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The Intermunicipal Consortium Tindari Nebrodi, lead partner of Medstrategy project, established in 1984, includes 16 municipalities1 settled in the province of Messina (Sicily). The territory of the Consortium covers an area of 418.4 km2 with a population of about 48.000 inhabitants.

The Consortium was constituted with the aim of supporting innovative and effective actions aimed to develop the territory and promote stable forms of exchange and coordination between Public Administration, social workers and economic operators.

The Consortium set up and implemented several projects aimed to promote the local development and the enhancement of environmental, historical and cultural territorial resources. The Consortium is the head office of the "Tourist District" of Messina and manages, on behalf of the municipalities, the "Desk Office for Production Activities". In 2001 the Consortium joined the "Aalborg Charter" by launching the process of the Local "Tindari Nebrodi" Agenda 21.

1Basicò, Falcone, Ficarra, Floresta, Gioiosa Marea, Librizzi, Mazzarà Sant'Andrea, Montagnareale, Montalbano Elicona, Oliveri, Patti, Raccuja, San Piero Patti, Sant'Angelo di Brolo, Sinagra e Ucria.

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Work group of the MedStrategy project

Armando Lopes Franco is the President of the Intermunicipal Consortium Tindari Nebrodi. In addition to this, he coordinates the structure and is responsible for defining the strategic and operational orientations. He promoted the MedStrategy project as legal representative of the Intermunicipal Consortium Tindari Nebrodi and is a member of the Steering Committee.

Antonello Cappadona, is the Technical and Administrative Manager of the Intermunicipal Consortium Tindari Nebrodi. He coordinates, organizes and streamlines the administration of the Consortium. He is responsible for the Administrative Coordination of the Medstrategy Project.

Carmelo Zeus, is the Financial Manager of the Intermunicipal Consortium Tindari Nebrodi. He is responsible for the financial management of the Medstrategy Project.

Carlo Simonetti, collaborates with the Intermunicipal Consortium Tindari Nebrodi, as an expert in 'Territorial and Landscape Planning and Environmental Reporting'. He coordinated several EU funded projects aimed at integrated and sustainable management of urban and territorial contexts, with particular reference to the promotion of local development in Mediterranean rural areas. He is responsible for technical and scientific coordination of the Medstrategy Project.

Stefania ZANNA, collaborates with the Intermunicipal Consortium Tindari Nebrodi as regards the transnational network of the project. She has a PhD in Territorial Analysis and since 1992 works within territorial development projects mainly in tourism and cultural sector, funded both through EU programmes and Structural Regional Funds. She is responsible for the transnational activities of the project.

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