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Project cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund under MED Programme

The Province of Teruel is located in the Nord-East of Spain, inside the region of Aragon. It covers an area of 15.000 Km2 with a poor density of population: 10 inhabitants for Km2. Teruel, surrounded by mountains, is well located respect to the cities of Valencia, Madrid, Saragossa and Barcelona.

It has a rich cultural heritage, tourist resources, production of quality food, and a great variety of natural landscapes.

The County council is the institution that defends the interests of 236 municipalities that constitute the local governments of Teruel.

Since 2001, the County council has an office that promotes the participation in European programmes that could help to achieve the welcoming of more population in our territory, generating economic activity and employment.

The economy of the province is based on agricultural products, tourism, production of energy, mines and social services.

The Council web site is:

Antonio Arrufat, is the legal representative of the Country Council.

Working group of the MedStrategy project

Ismael Brenchat is the Representative deputy.

Luis Muñoz is the director of the Office of European Programmes since 2001. He is an expert in the management of programmes EQUAL, INTERREG, AND FUNDS OF COHESION.

Esther García, graduated in working Sciences, is the technical adviser.

Jesús Marqués is the technician responsible for the financial control.

Pilar Sánchez is the technician responsible for administrative tasks.

José Guillén, graduated in Geography, expert in territorial development programmes, is in charge of the execution of studios and offers.

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Luis Muñoz:

Esther García:
Europeans Programmes Office:

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