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Project cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund under MED Programme

The Foundation for the Social Development (FDS) is a non-profit organization established in December 2004.

Its main objective is to promote the development of the population living and working in the rural areas, providing them the suitable tools and knowledge to improve their way of live.

The Foundations counts with an interdisciplinary team of 55 people which support and assess in programmes addressed to different social groups of the rural areas, collaborating with public and private institutions and promoting the cooperation for the development.

FDS has among their foundational activities the promotion and management of services and Centres, public or private, to optimize the use of the current resources in social care, culture, tourism and environment.

MedStrategy Project team

Pilar Tornos Alonso

Position occupied: Technical Secretariat-General
Incorporation date: 2006
Taking part in the following MedStrategy tasks: Member of the Steering Committee
- Internal supervision of the project execution.
- Staff task distribution.
- Contact with regional and local agents.
- Diffusion coordination.
- Cost control.

Antonio Lasala González

Position occupied: Human resources manager
Incorporation date: 2007
Taking part in the following MedStrategy tasks:
- Staff tasks distribution.
- Development of specific materials.
- Supporting diffusion and monitoring actions.
- Diffusion campaigns colaboration.
- Supporting financial reports preparation.
- Cost control.

Sara Fernández Escuer

Position occupied: Project manager
Incorporation date: 2010
Taking part in the following MedStrategy tasks:
- Coordinator project, contact person.
- Staff task distribution.
- Diffusion coordination.
- Activities Project execution.
- Development of specific materials.
- Development of financial and technical reports.
- Cost control.
Contacts person:

Sara Fernández:

Pilar Tornos:

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