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Project cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund under MED Programme

MedStrategy project is a project financed through the EU MED Programme. It aims at improving and address territorial governance of Med rural areas towards sustainability through an innovative integrated Planning Model (PM). The process will focus on 3 themes:

1. the integration of economic, social, environmental dimensions of sustainability in planning;
2. the development of integrated & shared strategies and actions through the cooperation of local authorities and the engagement of local communities (key actors, stakeholders) for the innovation of territorial governance;
3. the setting up of common objectives & activities (preservation of cultural and natural heritage, competitiveness of territorial system, social & gender equality, etc) for local and transnational synergies of rural areas.

The project started in June 2010 and it will end in May 2012.

Regions involved

The project involves rural territories of the Mediterranean area, in Italy, Spain, Greece, and Malta. The involved areas are: the territory of Tindari-Nebrodi including 16 Municipalities in the Province of Messina (Sicily); the territory of Archanon-Asterousion Municipality including 59 communities in the Prefecture of Heraklion (Crete); the territory of Teruel including 10 Municipalities within the Teruel Province (Aragon); the territory around Pembroke which will be "project leader" for the Majjstral Local Council including 13 Municipalities in the District of Northern Harbour (Malta Majjstral).


Diagnosis of the involved territories: assessment of the 3 dimensions of sustainability (economic-social-environmental) through appropriate indicators and using GIS applications, for identifying trends and conditions, root causes of problems.

Diagnosis of the institutional framework: audit of local authorities governance systems for identifying weaknesses and strengths of the present institutional system; review of success governance modes and tools.

Establishment of communities participation process through the setting up of local forums that involve key actors and local stakeholders (citizens, local administrators and decision makers, opinion leaders, business sector operators, tourism providers, professional associations, environmental associations, civil society groups etc.) in order to elaborate and produce a common vision of future and shared "green economy" strategies.

Drawing up of 4 Local Pilot Operative Plans (LPOPs) for the integrated development oriented to sustainability of rural areas: LPOPs will be scheduled following strategic axes and objectives. For each strategic axis innovative and integrated actions will be pointed out. The technical and administrative tools, the financial sources/tools and the key actors requested for the implementation of each action will be defined as well as actions' time schedule.

Definition of the Transnational Local Development Methodology (TLDM) for sustainable development in Mediterranean rural areas.

Drawing up of 4 key interventions aimed at the social and economic development of the involved rural areas.

Lead Partner

Intermunicipal Consortium "Tindari-Nebrodi", Tindari (ME)



- Intermunicipal Consortium "Tindari-Nebrodi", Tindari (ME)
- ANCI Sicilia, Palermo


- Archanon - Asterousion Municipality, Crete
- CRES - Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving, Pikermi (Attiki)


- Pembroke Local Council, Pembroke


- Province of Teruel, Teruel
- Foundation for the Social Development, Zaragoza
Associated Partners
- Tourism Department of the Regional Government of Sicily, Palermo (Italy)
- Territorial Policies Department of the Province of Messina, Messina (Italy)
- Local Council Association of Malta, Balzan (Malta)
- Environment Department of the Regional Government of Aragn, Zaragoza (Spain)
- Region of Crete, Heraklion (Greece)
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Consorzio Intercomunale TINDARI NEBRODI ANCI Sicilia Archanon  Asterousion Municipality CRES Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving DPT. Province of Teruel FDS. Foundation for the Social Development Pembroke Local Council